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23/03/2018 10:39

To prepare for the world beyond school, Greater Burnie students will commence a P-TECH immersion program in 2018, and take part in a range of industry supported learning experiences that will extend their education beyond the classroom. This includes opportunities to connect and build relationships with industry partners, and engage in hands-on, project-based activities, both at school and in the workplace. These experiences will help students to better understand the relevance of their learning and how it can be applied in the workplace.
This pilot is the first partnership to have multiple schools involved, with three high schools, Burnie High School, Parklands High School and Yolla District High School and one college, Hellyer College involved in the partnership. The schools will join together with industry partners to develop and plan P-TECH programs. Lion and TasFoods will support pathways related to the Agricultural Science and Food Science sectors, while the Elphinstone Group, Jayben Australia and Maltec Engineering will support pathways associated with the Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing sector.
In future years, and with support from industry partners and industry mentors, students will have the opportunity to commence and pursue formal STEM training as part of a nationally recognised VET qualification, while also undertaking their regular higher school certificate. With ongoing support from their industry mentor, and established connections with the school’s industry partners, P-TECH students will have the opportunity to extend their study beyond secondary school and transition to a post-secondary education institution to achieve a STEM related diploma, advanced diploma or associate degree. Participating in the P-TECH learning program will build student interest and skills in STEM, and raise awareness of the breadth and depth of STEM related training and employment pathways that are locally available. The program will be structured to develop the technical and personal skills students need to succeed at school and make a successful transition to further study and work beyond school.
The P-TECH pilot is funded by the Australian Government, which has engaged the Skilling Australia Foundation to manage the program. The P-TECH pilot in Greater Burnie Tasmania is supported by the local community and Tasmanian Government.
21/01/2015 13:16
21/01/2015 13:16